Why You Need A New Perspective


Why You Need A New Perspective

A Fresh Attitude to Age.

After a series of early morning-mares, I decided I’d had enough.

Well, who wouldn’t?  

I mean,  despite having one eye open and the other half shut, I could still see it, a grimacing taunting reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Yet another insolent wrinkle, laden with insidious messages, had chiselled its way into my left cheek.

Leaving me thinking I was headed towards the trash can at cyber-neck speed.

Feeling crushed, humiliated and depressed, I slunk back towards the bedroom, head hanging in desperation and pondered my options:

  1. Black bin bag over head: Wouldn’t be able to  see any future insidious wrinkles or might not be around to fret over them.  However, for reasons beyond the fact I look dire in black, this solution was obviously not to be recommended.
  2. Fight with unnatural remedies: Trowel loads of toxic creams, plastic surgery, endless stream of gimmickry for weight loss, hair gain and every imaginable ailment there is room for in the medical cabinet. (An expenditure likely to upset my bank manger.  Not ideal, as you never know when you might need a buddy…or some extra cash.)
  3. Toss all care to the wind (or ultraviolet radiation, depending on season and location) and indulge the cultural stereotypes media hyenas, food giants and pharmaceutical companies subtly feed the psyche to catapult us all towards the inevitable flab, boredom and decrepit obscurity associated with life anytime over forty.

Oh but wait a minute! (I stopped my neurotransmitters in their tracks.)

Where was all this catastrophe coming from?

Was I really going to succumb to the dictates of others about how I should be looking and feeling and allow this natural phenomena called “getting older” beat me into submission?

It was time to get graceful and adopt the elegant approach, not that I knew what that was.

So I set out to find out.

The road to graceful ageing.

In my search for ageing solace, I discovered some wonderfully neat things, which really help to get ageing into a positive perspective. Exciting even. 

Here’s what I found:

  • Our thoughts and our beliefs are the single most important indicator of our health and happiness. (Not the droop factor of our eyelids nor the story on the bathroom scales.)  Powerful.
  • Our experience of getting older is influenced more by what we believe and how we choose to live than by anything else. Awesome.

Which means,

  • Our health and our ageing experience are NOT determined by the fact that our friends have stopped putting candles on our birthday cake. Super cool.

What’s more,

  • Our chronological age is NOT the soul sister of our biological age. In fact we can actually be younger physically, mentally and emotionally than our birth certificate suggests. You kidding?


  • The number going up does not inevitably mean everything else is coming down


You see,

Age is just that, a number. And that number does not need to determine everything from your health to your attractiveness to your worth.

So shove the number and start living in accordance to how you want to feel, not how you’re being conditioned to feel.

The Choice Is Ours.

Thoughts can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and lead us to taking the actions (or not) that will get us the results we expect. But those are not necessarily the ones we want!

If we think getting older is about baguette shaped waistlines, bodies as flexible as broomsticks and Halloween styled complexions, then we might be right.

On the other hand,

If we are willing to do the attitude workout and put some time in at the lifestyle gym , we can look and feel perkier at 60 than we did at 30.

I hope you are getting the idea?

It is all about the way we think and how we choose to live as a consequence of our thoughts.

By sorting out our attitude first and foremost, we can alter the trajectory of our experience.

Does this news excite you?

Are you ready to turn the page on age?

Then don’t miss next week’s post where I will guide you through 4 essential steps to Turn Age On Its Head and enjoy a whole new experience of future possibilities for you, your life and your world.

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