When it’s time to take a stand

Why are we here?

(A prelude to Fresh Over Forty)

Are you tired of feeling like that more ‘mature moment’ of life is sneaking up on you with the grace and discretion of a Hell’s Angel ?

That you should be able to pull on the breaks and slow down time while you liven things up? That you are only just getting yourself orientated and now that you finally are, you should shift gears and orientate to decline?

I had that feeling too.  I felt like I hadn’t actually done anything yet, had been trying to find my feet, work things out, was just about to launch and then all of a sudden I was perched on top of a cliff with only “downhill” ahead of me.

This did not seem fair. But those were the messages coming at me from all directions, inside and out.

So I decided to see if there was anything I could do about it.

Goodness damn it!” I said.

I may have another 40 or 50 years ahead of me. (I sure hope I do. Forty or fifty at the very least.)

Am I going to live them in a permanent state of deflation over my looks, my health and the possibilities ahead of me?

NO, I decided.  I didn’t think I was.

While I didn’t consider myself old (well, not old old, if you know what I mean?) I was already guilty of obsessing about it and checking in on a daily basis to see how things were progressing; mind, body, soul and spirit. And if that wasn’t bad enough, berating myself for showing signs of subsidence in every department.  

Ring familiar?

You spend the first forty or so years of life trying to figure things out and then, just as you think you have it all in a bag (or not), everything seems to tumble out.  And I mean everything.

Marriage, muscles and mental clarity, to name but a few.

(If that is not you and you’re one of those “got the bag zipped up and everything tidy” types…please shuffle along and make space for the true condolers. Much obliged.)

So. What do you do? The ones who are feeling the crush?

Well actually, what I found out was, we have a choice.

We can either sit back and passively allow time and inaction to take their toll OR we can hustle.

Personally,  what I did was scream. Then brandish my fists and throw a tantrum or two. (Little rituals to signal the rite of passage.)

I attempted a few extra layers of foundation and hair dye. Tried the “lock yourself  in the bathroom wrapped in mud and cling film” therapy.  And launched into a spate of insignificant, superficial realtionships which busted within hours.

But then… I took a stand.

I was not going to succumb to the nonsensical endeavour of trying to be 25 forever.  Nor was I  going to wilt in silence and shame.  Nor was I going to give in and give up.

I was going to get out there and make a noise.

I was going to lead a wildly natural, healthy, exciting existence all the way to becoming a centenarian and beyond. And I was going to make it known, flaunt it and share it. Head held high.

With you.


And P A S S I O N A T E LY.

I don’t mean I was going to share being a wild centenarian with you loudly and passionately. I mean I was going to share my vision with you.

And anything else you might find useful.

So that is why I am here.

You see, we need to team up. There is strength in numbers. No ageless goddess is an island. We can’t go it alone or we will crumble.

And so,

After years of work back stage and months of work upfront, I have created Fresh Over Forty. 

It’s a haven for ladies looking to rebel, reset and refresh, naturally.

It is all about no-shame aging, vitality and adventure.

AND impact.

And the “How Tos”.  And the “Whys”.

Because we have to know that crumble is not inevitabile and that we are pulling the strings.

Living with optimal health and vitality is a largely choice.

It’s our choice.

And I would like that choice to be as easy, organic and fun as possible.

Being fresh over forty, fifty, sixty and beyond… is an attitude and it is an adventure.

An attitude and adventure anchored in belief.

And energy.

To do anything, especially to do it with ease and grace, first you have to believe it is possible and then you have to have the health and energy to get things moving.

(Talking of which, if you haven’t already, do sign up below to get your free morning energy booster guide.)


That is where I am coming from and more importantly, that is where we’ll be going.

One of the underlying topics on FreshOverForty will be how to replenish and sustain your natural energy supplies, (there’ll be no Redbull raves on this website) and believe in what’s possible. 

But I won’t neglect other important dimensions of wellness either. It’s a whole you, life, world thing that we want to have in balance, to make sure we are looking towards a future of healthy, vibrant adventure and not dismal depressing decline.

Are you ready for that? Then take a stand and join me!

I’d be thrilled.

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