112 days to Amazingness.

112 days to amazingness

112 days to Amazingness.

The Amazingness Challenge:

“One hundred and twelve days?” you question, “that’s a funny number. Most people do 30 day challenges or 21 day challenges or even 100 day challenges.”

Indeed they do and statistically, it takes somewhere between 66 and 90 days to install a new life-changing habit and while 112 is abundant, it’s not scientific.

So why 112?

Simple! – There just happen to be 112 days left between my decision to embark on this challenge,  and my 50th birthday.  (I told you it was not scientific!) And I thought it’d be a nice idea to challenge myself to getting as fit as I possibly can – fitter than I have ever been –  to celebrate rather than commiserate that somewhat monumental occasion.

While I don’t need much convincing – because if I did  freshover50.com would never have been created – it’s my way of proving to myself and others that 50 doesn’t have to be the end of anything except a less than healthy lifestyle. Rather it can be a super milestone to show just how much health and life and joy and freshness we can create for ourselves as we age.

So I am leaving all the challenge conventions outside in the snow, along with the ageing ones and I am setting my own parameters and looking forward to seeing what I can learn and share along the way.

A New Year’s Day marker

I am using New Year’s Day as a starting marker and hope to crush another statistic too: the one that says that only 5% of good intentioners  surpass 15 days with their New Year’s Resolutions.  That’s why I am using my blog and Face Book as accountability allies. Although this is not really intended as a New Year’s Resolution. It has just so happened that New Year has coincided with my decision and firm intention to launch freshover50.com and to get even fitter. Amazingly fit.  But New Year does add that extra spark of symbolic romanticism.

What’s the plan?

I don’t have it all planned out yet. If I wait for the perfect plan I know it’ll never come. But I have planned the start and I will do more planning and tweaking of plans and ideas as I go. And then I’ll allow for organic-ness and experimentation, of course. There’s nothing rigid or predefined about personal health and fitness. Elasticity around the fundamentals is key. So I am not yet entirely sure what shape and form my new or strengthened habits will take, but there are some clear objectives.

What I want to improve…

I know that I will step up on my diet and exercise. I don’t need to lose weight, but tomorrow I will weigh in, just for the record and to have a starting point. I definitely need to tone up and I need to get back into more regular workouts and nature walks, on top of the morning yoga I already do and am pretty disciplined with. I want to improve my digestion and discover how better to deal with my food intolerances. I also want to improve sleep and use breathing as a conscious aid to great health and fabulous energy.  Great breathing techniques are an ancient essential that is at last finding it’s way back into modern health, and not just in meditation and stress relief but for energy and clarity and many other aspects of wellness too. Breating is key.

In the kitchen.

In addition to all that I plan to learn how to prepare quick simple healthy meals that satisfy my permanently hungry teenage kids, as well as myself. After years to poo-pooing my ideas they are finally beginning to follow my example and demanding healthier and healthier food. The difficulty is that as growing lads they just seem to need huge amounts of it and it’s hard to keep up!

Those are the clear ideas I have so far.  And I will be using and sharing on and offline resources that I find inspiring as I go. So where does one start? As a life and wellness coach who teaches conscious ageing I do already possess a fair amount of knowledge and of course live a fairly healthy lifestyle. But I know I can improve and I would like to excel, thus using my own personal experience to help others.

The starter’s path:

So my chosen starters path is this:

I am going to begin with a structured detox. And I have picked The Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) 26 day detox, a program that takes place with full online support a few times a year and which is scheduled to begin in January.  I am going to share my experiences and thoughts as I go along.  I think the first few days could be particularly tough. I have never undertaken a structured full length detox before. I hope to learn a lot. And not to feel too wobbly, although I guess a fair amount of discomfort has to be expected. I’ll document it all.

So here goes!  Wish me luck and please do come along, if you feel inspired.





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