All About…

The Art & Adventure of Radiant Ageing


A writer, workshop leader, speaker

and social entrepreneur

dedicated to making ageing something different.

Something beautifully different. 

The way it should be. 

The way we deserve it to be.

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FreshOver50 is a new conversation about ageing.

A fresh conversation.


It’s a conversation of empowerment for women who wish to celebrate NOT commiserate.  It’s a conversation of curiosity for women who understand possibility and for women who instinctively feel there must be, can be, should be so much more to getting older than dementia and decline. FreshOver50 is a conversation about courage and confidence and consequence as we age.  It’s about desirability and dignity, purpose, love and community. AND it is a conversation about beauty – glorious beauty – and the wealth and richness of inner radiance that shines from any lady who is ready to share her intrinsic worth with the world, at any age.


In the all pervading youth-is-beauty culture that permeates our every ageing pore, it’s easy to feel despondant, ashamed and even guilty for ageing. It’s easy to feel less valuable and less worthy at every new wrinkle that shows up to remind us that the candles on our cake seem to be proliferating mercilessly. And it’s oh-so-only-too easy to feel inadequate from our neckline to our waistline to our bread-winning line as our youth fades and society attempts to discount and discard us.


“It’s time for each of us to create a new paradigm around ageing, to redefine and refine what ageing and beauty and value are really about. It’s time we recognise the grace and elegance of ageing  and cherish our experience as one of magnificent posibility and above all, as one that really matters.”



I am here to invite you to make art out of your ageing experience;

to craft a present and a future of vibrant, healthy FULFILLING-NESS that you’ll be genuinely proud to share.


My story.


Just a few years ago I was juggling a series of life strifes and disappointments, trying to avoid a head on collision with burnout and dealing with a curriculum of food intolerances and debilitating skin disorders. And to make things worse I felt that “getting old” was just around the bend. My past wasn’t pleasing, the future looked flat and I felt pretty put out.


I began to catch myself checking OCD for signs of new cracks and crevices in a complexion that had always seemed so much younger than its years. I found I was truly battling to accept any signs of greying hair, sagging cheeks and an expanding waistline; signs which to me were accelerating exponentially due to years of  stress and inflammation. I was single and I couldn’t see beyond the creases. I was hypnotized by social sterotypes and victim to the enslaving youth-desirabilty cult. How could anyone even like, never mind love, an expiring, decaying creature like me?


At that moment I ruptured – indignant, exasperated, enraged – with myself and society. Was I really going to trample my own self-worth this way and allow the rest of the world to define and confine me? I resolved that I wasn’t.


As I contemplated this form of ageing terrorism, I concluded that there must be an alternative and far more to look forward to than the gloomy scenario painted by the Western world. I recognised it was time I gave myself a shake and engaged in life with a new attitude and enthusiasm.  I was determined to flourish, not to flounder or wilt, simply because my petals had started to sag.


Time to rebel.


So I committed to proving to myself, my kids, my friends, the media…ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN…that life over forty, FIFTY, sixty and beyond… could be fresher and more fabulous than ever before.


And I encourage you to do the same!


The pursuit of vitality and living my quest.

I have come a long way since that first moment of rupture and tentative steps towards an ageing adventure. I have trained in Wellness Coaching and not only begun to apply the new science of ageing to my own life, but to teach it though workshops and presentations with results I simply love.


Radiant and conscious ageing is about listening to the needs and requests of our bodies, understanding the importance of diet, exercise and sleep BUT not only… Ageing well is just as much, if not more, about how we feed our minds, our hearts and our spirits. It’s about resepecting their needs too.


“I am so excited about all the possibilities open to us

as we age and all the good years ahead. It’s what we deserve.”



Together is BETTER

I’d really like to take this a few steps further.  But I need your help.

Won’t you join me to create…

…a community of ladies who have taken responsibility for their own health and wellness the natural way and who wish to inspire others to do the same?

…a community that encourages others to truly believe that it is never too late, no matter where they are at today. Ladies who feel fresh, fabulous and fulfilled over forty, fifty, sixty… like never before?

…a community of ladies who know their worth and beauty at any age and who  believe in a better world and a better tomorrow for others?

I am convinced we can rise above the cultural tags and signposts that make us feel we should begin to take a back seat and resign ourselves to Botox, burnout, dementia, pharmaceutical aid or whatever else society and the media feel we should be resigning ourselves to. And we can create lives of vibrant, fulfilling impact.

A super-charged, FRESH, healthy,  purposeful life, is possible all the way.

Let’s prove it, TOGETHER!

Join me on my quest and discover just how much fun we can have getting 

Fresh Over 50,

Thrilled you are still here. Would you like to know a little more?

My name is Angela Jane Beckh, but Angie does me fine.

I was born in south-east England, grew up in south-west Scotland and matured (like good cheese and a bottle of wine) in southern Europe.  My present life evolves somewhere between a small romantic town near the beautiful city of Turin, at the foot of the Italian Alps, and vibrant coastal locations.

I am a true European and adore all things Mediterranean:  the food, the weather, the people, the places and the sun loving lifestyle.   Apparently I have a quirky accent to match; one which mixes British English with a Scottish lilt and more than a touch of O Sole Mio!

I am the proud mum of four gorgeous youngters, so when I am not putting my all into Fresh Over Fifty, or sourcing organic ingredients and healthy solutions for improved, more sustainable ageless living, you’ll find me running after my three football playing sons or encouraging my daugther to believe in herself and her dreams.

I love

… yoga, meditation and vigorous walks and runs immersed in the natural beauty of the Italian foothills or along the shores of the Cote D’Azur.

…the tinge of salt on fresh sea air and the Alps dressed in snow. Spicy roasted squash and the flickering perfumed light of sumptuous smelling candles. 

…intimate veranda dinners , the poetic slurring of foreign languages and the silence of nature.

…dogs, interior design, saving the planet and the French singer Christophe Mae.

I am a trained Life and Wellness Coach,  have a BA in Communications, a post graduate diploma in Journalism and 25 years teaching experience.