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It’s lovely to see you here. Not just because it really is lovely to see you, but because that means you are ready to do something very special for yourself, your life and those you love. And I believe for the planet and evolution too.


You are ready to move forward with confidence and courage. You are looking for ways to improve your energy, optimize your health and to find the inspiration to flourish in all areas of your life, as you age.


However, perhaps you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed about knowing where to start? Making changes can be such a daunting experience, especially when trying to do it alone.


So, having a little guidance and encouragement on your journey can make all the difference.


And that’s where I can help.


Find Your Radiance, Create Your Adventure.


Enthusiasm and optimal health are my passions, as I believe they are where the magic starts. I also believe everyone deserves an over50 experience that feels fresh, energizing and fulfilling.


That’s why I trained to become a Wellness Coach. So I can help you design your very own special plan for a healthier, more vibrant, purposeful life.


With a personalised map and the right tools, you can go on to create limitless possibilities of healthy adventure and impact for yourself and the world that surrounds you.


Whether you feel you need a complete overhaul or just a little tweaking, but are not sure how to go about it, I would be truly honoured to help you.


Are you ready?


The first step is really simple and lots of fun.


Just reach out for a relaxed chat and I’ll tell you all about it, absolutely free.


Speak soon and with radiant love,



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